The Juhostler Chronicles

digital age baby book for the Juhola - Ostler Family

picking my battles these days and taking all the cushions off the couches for “super awesome dance party” is not one of them. this furniture will be well lived in!

park days

Meanwhile, at home, camp grammo buppo is taking great care of the boys for the weekend! Zoo!

The Emporer Akbar’s palace inFatephur Sikri - the abandoned city.

You can’t take a bad picture of the Taj!

Hey! I went to the Taj Mahal today. And with this brief moment of internet will post the obligatory cheesy taj pinching picture. Incredible trip - increasing wonder and respect for this country!

This scene does help ease the heartache of missing the family. I mean, yikes. #howtheotherhalflives #or1percent

I’m off to India on a work trip. Just boarded my first flight and missing the boys like the dickens already. Also excited for the adventure ahead. Next stop - London town!

Mom! Take a picture of me and my fancy Lego men!