The Juhostler Chronicles

digital age baby book for the Juhola - Ostler Family

Last night I had the kids to myself. It’s always great to get some 1 on 2 time with them. And then Beau projectile vomited into that pile of leogs and stuck his hands in his dirty diaper and was less than careful where he put those hands. I was getting pretty cocky about my solo parenting skills - thanks for keeping it real, guys.

Best 4th of July eve ever! Hike in the morning then a day date with this handsome fellow. Pottery painting, pool and pasta dinner! Feeling ever so fortunate for these special moments with just the two of us.

As I was taking this picture I said to myself “this couldn’t possibly end badly!”. And then, spoiler alert, it totally did. Everyone is fine. Just a little tussle in the gravel. Nothing kisses and cherries couldn’t fix.

say whaaaaat?!


the sweetest for-no-reason gift from Aimee and the boys! makes me so happy.

This morning we woke up to an exploded sprinkler valve, a leaking pipe and a sick and cranky kiddo. The day followed with broken things and dead phones and tardiness. There were a few moments of play in the front yard as the sun was setting behind the mountains that were really quite perfect. I didn’t realize it at the time. But now, going through the photos, I know I’ll remember the day for that 15 mins when the boys played nicely and I had the free hands to take a picture of it.

camp dayz

blanket love #minimatt