The Juhostler Chronicles

digital age baby book for the Juhola - Ostler Family

Braver than I!

Oh hey guys

Yesterday we had an appointment with the Orthopaedic Oncologist. The intent was to plan out the surgery to remove the tumor. After some examination he decided to delay the surgery for another 3 months. The tumor hasn’t blown up again, Cash is in no pain and has full range of movement. Dr. Heare continues to be surprised by the behaviour of this tumor as it’s not presenting itself as expected. But that’s actually a very good thing. We’re in best case scenario land here and I like it. He also took out the stitches from Cash’s finger and that whole situation is looking great as well! Jury is still out whether the nail will come back, but who cares, the tip will for sure survive. We really got the most out of yesterday’s co-pay. #onwardandupward


Epic conference call with Thor and Leo discussing the merits of Spiderman’s powers over Batman.

Aimee and Cash just having the time of their lives!

Cash is killing it on these shape learning flash cards! And boy is he a hard worker. He wouldn’t move until he’d made it through the whole stack. “

Morning picnic at the park with Aimee. I am dying to get home to these guys!

My big sister came to Boulder this weekend and we tricked her into building a fence. Turns out she’s an animal with the old miter saw

Cash is set up to watch the work outside. And Beau is just tickled to join the fun