The Juhostler Chronicles

digital age baby book for the Juhola - Ostler Family

To the alleged tooth fairy. If that’s what you really call yourself.

Can’t get enough of those Mackinaw peaches!

View from my parent’s backyard. It’s pretty OK

I’ll love you forever.I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.

#tbt to 1989

Beau has a mild obsession with Cash’s underwear.

You sure are cute first thing in the morning. And it’s a good thing because YIKES 4am is not a reasonable time to wake up 5 days in a row.

Cash is taking pictures of himself to send to me. Ducklips? Is it just instinct? Only a mother could love.

Our first @blueapron meal. So so yummy. Thank you @natalie_hecht for getting me started!!!

One of the only moments when Cash was still enough to photograph.